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About Carrie's Cause

Carrie's Cause

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In December of 2009, Carrie Maul organized the first trip to a local nursing home in Broomfield, CO. She carefully chose the most beautiful poinsettias she could find between five different grocery stores. Only the best would do! With 75 hand selected poinsettias in tow, she and her family headed to the nursing home to deliver them personally, one by one. The holiday spirit they spread that day left a lasting impression on not only their family, but on the residents as well. She developed a personal relationship with a few of the people she met that day and even took them to doctor appointments, to the grocery store, and visited them often. It is in this spirit of love, faith, and charity, that we continue Carrie's legacy through Carrie's Cause.


In 2013, we delivered more than 800 poinsettias to elderly nursing home residents in five different states. In 2014 we delivered 850 poinsettias in Colorado/Nebraska and 300 in Wisconsin. We also had over 50 in Texas and 25 in California for a total of 1225 total poinsettias across 5 states. It is our goal that Carrie's Cause touches the lives of elderly nursing home residents in each and every state. Thank you for taking the time to learn about the origins of Carrie's Cause.


Please also take a moment to fill out our volunteer form. Join us as we spread the Christmas spirit and experience the joy of giving that Carrie lived every day.

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