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Carrie's Cause In The News

Oshkosh Rotary Southwest:

Poinsettias lift up spirits and bring a splash of festivite red and green to homes in Oshkosh and across the country during the holidays. If people are lucky, they are still enjoying them in February. At least that’s what the foundation Carrie’s Cause is hoping for.

Carrie’s Cause was founded in Colorado in the fall of 2013 by Todd Maul to continue the legacy of Carrie Maul, his wife and an Oshkosh native who passed away in March of that year. Since 2009, Carrie and her family had been delivering poinsettias to various nursing homes at Christmastime and went door-to-door visiting each resident.

“The real purpose of the plant was to faciliate a meaningful interaction that would warm the spirits of both the receiver and the giver. This was something very important to Carrie and so when she passed, Todd and his sons knew that they needed to continue the great work she had started,” said Stacey Wells, Carrie’s Cause.

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